Does Bioptimizers Magnesium Work? Side Effects? Where To Buy


Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant have teamed up with Chinese herbal experts, world-class enzyme specialists, and well-known formulators to launch BiOptimizers, an innovative nutrition firm. They are in charge of managing the company’s marketing and research departments, in addition to a large number of employees. As a result, the final product reflects their shared enthusiasm for their work and confidence in the product’s quality. Lightheart and Gallant are the company’s president and CEO. To help others achieve their health and wellness goals, they’ve been working together since then to help others achieve their health and wellness goals.

From Sick to Superhuman: The Biological Optimization Blueprint is a book written by the BiOptimizers with the goal of helping patients realize their body’s maximum biological potential despite their current illness. Supplements are being used to achieve a state of harmony between the body and its components.

For this reason, as well as many others, the company also participates in a variety of charitable activities. As a part of its endeavors to help individuals in need, BiOptimizers distributes a free bottle to someone in need for every 10 bottles sold. As part of the Anti-Cancer Institute’s mission, they’ve also been working with Wade Lighteart.

What are BiOptimizers?

They met in a gym, which seems appropriate given the work that Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant went on to do. With a background in personal training, both of them were motivated by helping others reach their goals. Matt was inspired by Wade’s transformation after losing more than 200 pounds following Wade’s sister’s death from cancer at the age of 23. They had the epiphany to start a business to help others in a similar position. As early as 2004, a line of enzymes, workouts, and plant-based protein supplements called BiOptimizers hit the market.

In the previous 17 years, the company has grown from its modest beginnings to become one of the largest supplement companies on the internet. More than 65,000 people have benefited from their services since they began.

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BiOptimizers Supplements

Recently, supplements have become an increasingly popular item. However, even if you don’t need these things, they can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Our bodies have a harder time absorbing nutrients as we grow older. It is possible to remedy a deficiency in nutrients caused by modern medicine by taking dietary supplements. 90% of people fail to meet their daily nutrient needs through their meals alone. Even healthy people can lose nutrients through exercise, so they may need to take extra nutrition supplements.

BiOptimizers takes safety as seriously as it does everything else. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, all of the supplements on their list are made in a US facility that is GMP-certified. The items are FDA-approved and come with a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer. All of the items have been thoroughly tested to ensure that clients receive an exceptional and safe experience. Burch University in Sarajevo, where a probiotics lab is always hard at work uncovering new discoveries, has partnered with and invested in them.

Because of this, BiOptimizers products aren’t cheap. Most of the prices are more than those of other suppliers, which BiOptimizers doesn’t contradict. As a result, they claim, their products are 400-600 percent more expensive than their rivals. In this pricing strategy, nothing is more expensive than an unusable product or service. Or, to put it another way, the higher prices are supposed to cover the extensive testing and quality control that goes into the supplements’ creation. While this approach promises a higher level of satisfaction, it may be a problem for those who cannot afford to pay large sums of money for what some may consider “extra” things like supplements. In addition, it might be a problem for individuals who depend on supplements to help them live a better life.

Subscribing to the supplements that a customer uses can result in a small cost savings for the customer. Ten percent of their money is saved in this way. Even if the savings aren’t substantial, long-term customers will save more money in the long run.

Revolutionary Advancement in Magnesium Technology

An all-natural supplement aimed at improving overall health contains all seven forms of magnesium. There are numerous health benefits to taking magnesium Breakthrough, such as stress reduction and bone strength as well as restful sleep and better heart rate management.

The body necessitates magnesium for a slew of essential functions. Diabetes sufferers, as well as those suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), will benefit from it.

Magnesium is the fourth most common mineral on the planet, but most people only get one or two forms of magnesium, so Magnesium Breakthrough is unique in that it provides all seven forms. Since the supplement can address multiple issues at once, it is more effective. Magnesium supplements are difficult because it’s impossible to tell exactly how much of each kind of magnesium is in each capsule.

Magnesium Breakthrough costs $40.00 for a single bottle.

Blood Glucose Discovery|

With this approach, blood sugar regulation is addressed from the cellular level up. As a result of Blood Sugar Breakthrough, blood sugar is better absorbed, allowing it to enter the muscles rather than being stored as fat. The inflammatory response, glucose spikes, and blood sugar levels are all reduced and stabilized.

Using only clinically proven ingredients, Blood Sugar Breakthrough is a safe and effective way to manage blood sugar levels. All sorts of blood sugar problems are alleviated by these doses, as demonstrated in clinical investigations. Due to its ability to reduce oxidative stress, it also offers anti-aging properties.

It costs $75.00 to buy one bottle of Blood Sugar Breakthrough.


Boosting mental and digestive well-being is the main goal of this product. With this nootropic combo, those who need to focus their attention for long periods of time may reap the benefits of improved learning and mental clarity.

Gut and brain health seem to effect the body in similar ways. When it comes to mental illness, symptoms that appear to be linked to the brain, such as mental fatigue, are common. These two critical systems are addressed in a novel way by Cognibiotics, which is why it is a truly exceptional solution. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to assist both the brain and the bacteria in the digestive tract.

Cognibiotics are available for a one-time purchase price of $69.00.


Many people experience digestive problems after starting a ketogenic diet. In order to help people with such specialized issues, we created this solution. Helps boost fat loss, ketogenesis, and energy levels by using a digestion enzyme called KApex During the early phases of the keto diet, it helps digest protein and fats and minimizes the symptoms of the keto flu and weariness. If you’re contemplating a switch to a ketogenic diet, it’s worth looking into..

KApex is a low-carbohydrate supplement that aids in weight loss. Protein is processed along with fat by all of the digestive enzymes. Maintaining a ketogenic state is easier when the body is less stressed.

It costs $75.00 for a single bottle of KApex.


For maximum absorption in the body, this liquid multivitamin contains fulvic acid-base and vitamin B complex. Liquid vitamins are more readily absorbed and used by the body. For those who have difficulty swallowing pills or capsules, Primergen-V is a viable option.

Fulvic acid may reduce cholesterol, alleviate altitude sickness, improve cellular function, give anti-cancer properties, and boost testosterone. To name a few of the benefits of Vitamin B complex, which is made up of eight B vitamins: cardiovascular health; neuron functioning; muscle tone; and healthy brain function.

Healthy energy generation, eye health, red blood cell health, enhanced immunity and vitamin deficiency are all boosted by a seven-drop intake. Because each bottle comprises a little more than 100 servings, this BiOptimizers product is more cheaply priced.

For a single bottle of Primergen-V, the selling price is $29.00.


Fulvic acid is the primary ingredient of this material, which is also a liquid. To aid with hormonal imbalances, boost energy and metabolism, this supplement contains a proprietary combination of ionic minerals.

Because of the blend’s secrecy, not much is known about the product’s composition. There’s no way of knowing exactly how much of each ingredient is in the final blend. Primergen-specific M’s ionic minerals are still a mystery.

It costs $39.95 for a single bottle of Primergen-M.

The Herbal Parasite’s Personal Assistant

Disinfects the body with this herbal combination, which also contains digestive enzymes and slippery elm to aid in digestion. Herbal Parasite Guardian doesn’t use any secret mixes, so you can see exactly how much of each ingredient is in it and how it works.

Turmeric, a key component in Indian curries, is an immune booster, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and anti-cancer agent. To ease the discomfort in the mouth and throat, slippery elm is an excellent remedy.

It is the herbs in Herbal Parasite Guardian that aid in the destruction of harmful bacteria and yeasts. With this vitamin, stomach issues can be resolved. For the price, it’s a better value than many other options because it contains 90 pills and may be used for three months at a time.

It costs $59.00 for a single bottle of Herbal Parasite Guard.

An Effective Herbal Detox

Those who are afflicted with constipation will be grateful for the minor relief provided by this solution. Colon cleansing, regularity, and digestive health are all supported by the herbal ingredients in Herbal Power Flush.

Herbal Power Flush is a plant-based formulation, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. Psyllium husk, the primary source of fiber, helps to solidify the stool and feeds the bacteria in the intestines. Digestion is made easier with the help of digestive enzymes, which are included in the formula. You won’t have to go to the bathroom all the time because the laxative impact isn’t very strong.

For $49.00, you may get one bottle of Herbal Power Flush.


Digestive enzymes are essential for the breakdown and absorption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. There are 11 different digestive enzymes included in MassZymes, including proteases.

Increased digestion, better absorption of certain vitamins and amino acids, enhanced mental clarity, more energy, and less brain fog are all benefits of MassZymes. Additionally, the substance improves skin health and reduces one’s sensitivity to certain foods that one may otherwise find difficult to consume. The health of the digestive system is critical to the overall health of the body, which is why this product is so important. The recommended dosage is three tablets with each meal. ‘ There are nine tablets in each container, so if you eat three meals every day, you’ll have plenty for a month.

Price: $75.00 for one masszyme bottle.

The Breakthrough in Human-Computer Interaction

A wide range digestive enzyme and hydrochloride supplement improves stomach acid levels while enhancing nutrient absorption. There are several foods that might cause harm to the body if ingested in huge amounts Post-meal discomforts including bloating, gas and indigestion can be alleviated by taking this vitamin.

Enzymes required for protein degradation cannot be activated without stomach acid. Valve closure occurs as a result of this action, preventing stomach acid from rising into the esophagus and hence regulating digestion in general. Lower levels of stomach acid can be alleviated and the digestive tract given greater assistance with HCL Breakthrough.

For a single bottle, HCL Breakthrough costs $29, which is a lot of money.

Gluten Guardian

An enzyme called Gluten Guardian helps digest both casein (milk protein) and gluten, which are two of the most common irritants. Six plant-based proteolytic enzymes have been proved to break down gluten in this supplement. The product now contains three more enzymes that break down starches and sugars.

Foods heavy in carbohydrates can cause gas, bloating and indigestion, however gluten guardian gives effective relief. The product contains an extract combination that aids in the absorption of amino acids and peptides by the body’s cells. This combination aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Gluten Guardian is a $59 bottle product.

A Significant Advance in Protein Research

To satisfy your sweet need while on the run, Protein Breakthrough is a meal replacement. This plant-based protein drink assists in muscle growth and recovery after working out. When a serving has more than 200 calories, it is best utilized as a protein shake rather than a meal replacement.

Low-carb, gluten-free, low-glycemic, and soy-free are all features of Protein Breakthrough’s recipe to help with digestion. Non-water soluble fiber falls under this heading. People who don’t like chocolate won’t be able to enjoy this product. Another problem is that the product only provides 16 servings per container despite the outstanding nutrition label, making it expensive even if it has an appealing nutritional label.

Protein Breakthrough costs $75.00 for a single tub.


As a part of its pre- and probiotic formulation, Lactobacillus Plantarum OM is included. The mixture enhances the absorption and digestion of nutrients and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. Additionally, P3-OM can aid in weight loss and improve mood.

As well as aiding digestion, the product also strengthens the gut’s barrier by adding healthy bacteria cultures. Customers should conscious that BiOptimizers include extra FOS, which could be dangerous for some folks and should be studied before buying things.

It costs $70.00 per bottle of P3-OM.

Gut Guard Leaks

It’s possible to receive the BiOptimizers end product with vegetarian vanilla and chocolate flavors, too. Egg-derived immunoglobulins, a probiotic and prebiotic strain, and other ingredients all work together to improve gut health.

Leaky Gut Guardian’s egg immunoglobulins patch any gaps in the intestines, helping them to move more freely and absorb nutrients more effectively. All of these factors lead to an improved immune system by reducing inflammation, eliminating bloating and gas, and repopulating the stomach with healthy bacteria.

When it comes to individual elements, there isn’t much difference between the two flavors. In order to give the chocolate a “carnivore” flavor, the bone broth and collagen from cattle were used. The vanilla (vegetarian) flavor is not affected by these compounds, despite their various benefits. The price is the same for both preferences.

Price: $70.00 for a jar of Leaky Gut Guardian

BiOptimizers stacked on top of one other

A variety of buying options are available to help clients reduce costs. This option saves money, but most packages have a certain protocol in mind, which means that the number of capsules taken a day is very significant. Some of the stacks need daily doses of up to 40 tablets. A person may just use what they wanted, but this could end up being wasteful.

BiOptimizers’ Policy on Refunds

Everything the company sells comes with anunconditional 365-day refund policy. One product must be open when returning several products the website page, BiOptimizers Refund Policy, provides customers with all of the necessary information regarding refunds.


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