CLEAN Eating Detox

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A thoughtful CLEAN EATING Plan
1 day: $65/day • 3 days: $59/day • 5-6 days: $55/day

STOP with the heavy sugar juice cleanses that wreak havoc on your metabolism!  EMBODY’s CLEAN Eating Detox is a structured whole foods nutrition plan designed to enhance your fitness.  A daily / weekly menu of healthy and detoxifying foods prepared each day with EMBODY’s gourmet flair.

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DETOX Level 1
  • Calories: 799-999
  • Protein: 69-89g
  • Carbs: Appx. 100g
    (Ratio 80/20 Veg/Fruit)
  • Sugars: Under 20g
DETOX Level 2
  • Calories: 999-1199
  • Protein: 79-99g
  • Carbs: Appx. 125g
    (Ratio 80/20 Veg/Fruit)
  • Sugars: Under 25g
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