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A thoughtful CLEAN EATING Plan

EMBODY’s CLEAN Eating Service is a structured whole foods nutrition plan designed to enhance your fitness.  A daily / weekly menu of healthy and detoxifying foods prepared each day with EMBODY’s gourmet flair.

The CLEAN Eating program is unlike any other one that I've tried. The food is so delicious and I don't have that starving feeling that I have had on other structured food plans.  I  recommend this to anyone trying to jumpstart a health eating routine."
- Anita Dinwoodie  Weston, CT
The CLEAN Eating Service is like having your own personal chef managing your nutrition. Stick with the plan, and the pounds melt away!
- Jack Johansen Darien, CT
Choose One:
Level 1
  • Calories: 799-999
  • Protein: 69-89g
  • Carbs: Appx. 100g
    (Ratio 80/20 Veg/Fruit)
  • Sugars: Under 20g
Level 2
  • Calories: 999-1199
  • Protein: 79-99g
  • Carbs: Appx. 125g
    (Ratio 80/20 Veg/Fruit)
  • Sugars: Under 25g

$49.00 per day
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