Almond Butter - Jar


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Sometimes if it's not broken you still have to fix it. Embody's CEO Gillen is famous for fixing stuff that doesn't need to be fixed - and making it better. Like all of you, we used to buy our almond butter off the shelf, or grind it fresh at Whole Foods. (And we use A LOT of almond butter.) 

How much better can it get than that? Well, for Gillen, that's not enough. "Why can't we grind our own using premium organic almonds and make it better?" So he did. And he was right. It is the best almond butter we have ever tasted. And because almond butter should always be eaten freshly ground, we even stamp the "Grind on" date on the jar. Thank you, Gillen. For making our lives even better!


Everyone knows the only thing I love more than cycling is eating. And living near Napa, running my camps in Chianti and Portugal - boy do I get to eat amazing food. Embody's almond butter is "above category";  there isn't anything I've tried that comes close to it's naturally delicious, buttery flavor. - Joao Correa, former pro cyclist with the Cervelo team, owner of InGamba training camps, pro cyclist agent.